Do You Permit Your Domestic Helper to Retain Her Mobile Phone?

Do You Permit Your Domestic Helper to Retain Her Mobile Phone?

Mutually Establish a Reasonable Timeframe for Phone Usage

Some helpers may need to contact their families daily, especially if they have young kids in their home country. Other helpers are content with an arrangement to call their families just once a month. Before your helper arrives in Singapore, establish a frequency and duration for your helper to use her mobile phone and adhere to that schedule.

Establish a Work Schedule

To adhere to a sensible schedule for phone usage, it’s essential to create a daily work routine. This ensures that your maid is aware of designated times for phone usage, allowing her to concentrate on her tasks when it’s not the allocated time for phone use. A suitable window for phone usage is typically after completing her daily work.

Engage in a conversation and come to a consensus on potential measures to be taken if she fails to adhere to the agreed-upon phone usage schedule.

This may involve a one-time loss of phone usage or a temporary reduction in cell phone time until she can consistently manage her time better.

Employers are NOT permitted to: cancel mutually agreed-upon off-days, confiscate the helper’s phone, or deduct her salary.

Control Access to the WIFI Network.

Establish a secure password for the Wi-Fi network known only to you and your family. Inform your helper that she can approach you during the designated phone usage time for the Wi-Fi password to enable her mobile phone data usage. Consider changing the Wi-Fi password periodically.

Open Communication Is Essential

Establish the rules from the beginning. Before your helper starts working, make it clear that taking pictures and videos inside your house is not allowed unless specific permission is granted for special occasions, etc. Emphasize that this rule is for her safety, as her actions could attract scammers who might misuse the data to deceive her. Stress the importance of the household’s safety and privacy.

If you have concerns about your maid’s phone usage, discuss it openly with her and reach a mutual understanding regarding phone usage limits. Explain the importance of maintaining a reasonable timeframe for phone usage to ensure proper rest.

If you need assistance in communicating your house rules on phone usage, consider reaching out to your Maid Agency. They can help convey the message to your helper in a direct and objective manner, facilitating a harmonious relationship between all parties.

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